How You Can Help

Donations- Money is great and tax deductible but there are so many things we can use  We need cat, kitten and dog food. Lots of kitty litter, blankets, pet carriers of any size, dog houses of any size, flea treatments, treats, toys or gift cards from any local store to pick items up. Anything to help reduce the cost of caring for our pets.  Gift cards are great , any denomination, for any place that has pet supplies. They allow us to get the things as the need arises and often change.  Just mail them to us at Coins 4 Critters Rescue, P.O. box 0143, Muskogee, OK 74402.  There is a donation bin past the check out at the Muskogee Petco, please feel free to drop any NEW items in the bin with our name on it.  Should you need someone to pick up donations please let us know on Facebook or by calling 1-405-440-3503 and leave a message.

Our organization is an ALL VOLUNTEER group, no money is spent for salaries.

You could also drop by Animal Medical Center 2300 West Peak Blvd. (Peak Blvd & 24th st.) ,here in Muskogee and pay ANY amount on our account.



Fostering- We need foster homes.  We can't rescue if we have no place for them to stay while they get ready for adoption and adopted.  If you have a little extra time and love to share, consider being a foster parent. Give us a call (1-405-440-3503) or message us on facebook for more information if that is something you would be interested in helping with.

Sponsors- Help sponsor an animal by donating money or or prepay for a spay/neuter or vaccinations for a pet in our care or for someone on the list for a low cost spay/neuter. When monies are available, the reduced cost program with us, assists pet owners that can not afford to pay the entire cost themselves. Sponsor a dog or puppy for transport to out of state adoption facilities.  Last but not least, you could "sponsor" someone you know that hasn't had their pet spayed/neutered yet.  We've all had that that well meaning neighbor, friend or family member that have not "gotten around to that yet".